Welcome to the National STD/AIDS Control Programme

The National STD/AIDS Control Programme (NSACP), Ministry of Health, spearheads the national response to HIV/AIDS in Sri Lanka. NSACP is the focal point for planning and implementation of HIV/AIDS National Strategic Plan and AIDS Policy together with all stakeholders. The headquarters of the NSACP is situated at 29, De Saram Place Colombo 10, Sri Lanka and it networks with 33 full-time STD clinics and 23 branch STD clinics (as of end 2017).

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People Living With HIV / AIDS

Adults (> 15 years)


(3000 - 4200)

Children (< 15 years)


  • New Infections in 2017 <200 
  • Deaths in 2017<500
  • Adult HIV Prevalence (>15 Years) < 0.1%

Annual Reports

HIV Survey & Poll

How do you know about HIV / AIDS ?

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