HIV Testing is a service provided by the National STD/AIDS Control Programme free of charge.

Testing offered to

  1. All clients attending for STD services
  2. All pregnant women who are attending antenatal clinics
  3. All patients diagnosed with tuberculosis
  4. For needy patients admitted to hospitals
  5. Confirmatory HIV testing for private sector laboratories
  6. Prison testing programmes

Testing offered at

  1. STD clinics
  2. Outreach testing in collaboration with NGO partners
  3. Drop-in Centers- carried out by NGO Staff
  4. Prisons

Available HIV screening tests. Different types of tests have different window periods

  1. HIV ELISA test (window period is 21-45 days)
  2. HIV rapid test (window period is 42-90 days)
  3. HIV oral fluid test (window period is 90 days)

What is the window period for HIV?

It is time period from exposure to HIV infection to be able to detected by standard HIV tests.

HIV ELISA- 21-45 days

HIV RDT- 42-90 days

HIV self test- 90 days

Once the screening test becomes positive for HIV, further testing must be done for confirmation of the infection. National Reference Laboratory of National STD/AIDS Control Programme Colombo provides HIV confirmatory service free of charge to both public and private laboratories.

Click Here to Book an Appointment

Public can get a self-risk assessment though “” web application book an appointment to the closest service provider for an HIV testing depending on the identified risk.

Public also can request an oral HIV test by calling the hotline 0716379192 and get an oral fluid HIV test kit and do a self testing.

Hotline for self test kits 0716379192

Figures from 2020

HIV test done in 2020
Confirmed positive HIV cases
Testing done among Key Population members