Avoiding penetrative sex or postponing is good for young persons until they find their permanent partner.

Be Faithful

Mutually monogamous relationship in two healthy individuals carries zero risk of STIs.


Above methods may not be practical for some people If so by using condoms correctly and consistently they can prevent Sex. Alcohol and drugs should not be used before or during sex since they impair your ability to have safe sex.More info on Condoms

Novel HIV prevention methods

By taking HIV medications (ART) HIV can be prevented. HIV negative partners can take HIV medications to prevent getting HIV. It is called Pre- exposure prophylaxis (PrRP) and Post Exposure Prophylaxis after Sexual Exposures. (PEPSE).

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STI Prevention with Vaccines

Hepatitis B Vaccination

Hepatitis B which can be easily prevented by vaccination. Currentely Hepatitis B Vaccination is available for Men who have Sex with Men, IV drug users, People living with HIV and Transgender persons.

HPV Vaccination

Using a quadrivalent vaccine for immunization Cervical HPV infection and Genital warts can be prevented. It is currently available only to females of 12-14 age group from the National Immunization Program.