Financial Management

Accountant and the team are responsible for the financial management of National STD/AIDS Control Programme (NSACP) under the supervision of the director/NSACP. Financial management is done according to the circulars and regulations of the government of Sri Lanka (GoSL).

Scope of work

  1. To collaborate with senior management team (SMT) and other relevant authorities in the management of financial matters in the National STD/AIDS Control Programme.
  2. To prepare and make payments of personal emoluments like salaries, allowances, overtime, holiday payments and other recurrent expenditure.
  3. To maintain the financial systems and records as required by the financial regulations of GoSL.
  4. To manage procurement and provide technical assistance for supply and procurement of necessary items or services for the National STD/AIDS Control Programme within limits and according to processes as required by Ministry of Health (MoH) regulations.
  5. To maintain reliable records for reporting and auditing purposes.
  6. To maintain constant internal audits.
  7. To prepare and submit budget estimates and plans for the national STD/AIDS control programme.
  8. To supervise and monitor the quality of financial management of the National STD/AIDS Control Programme.
  9. To maintain stores and inventory within limits and according to the regulations of MoH.
  10. To manage the revenue received by the STD clinic.