This programme area is responsible for the STI/HIV surveillance to monitor trends and magnitude of the disease conditions under the preview of National STD/AIDS Control Programme (NSACP). In addition, annual HIV burden estimation and Projection, conducting special surveys related to HIV has been entrusted to the Epidemiology and Surveillance programme area.


  1. STI surveillance
  2. STI surveillance
  3. HIV surveillance
  4. Behavioral surveillance/ Integrated Bio behavioral surveillance
  5. People living with HIV (HIV Burden) estimation and projections
  6. Special Surveys

Scope of work

  1. To work within and support the relevant NAC technical working group to develop and regularly up-date national policies, strategies, guidelines, protocols, and standardized operational procedures (SOP) for implementation of STD, HIV surveillance in Sri Lanka.
  2. To collaborate with senior management team (SMT) and other relevant authorities in decision making and carrying out of STD, HIV surveillance.
  3. To work with other NSACP Units to develop comprehensive and coordinated plans for implementation of the National Strategic Plan and other relevant activities.
  4. To coordinate and work in partnership with public, private, civil society organizations, and development partners at local, national, and international level.
  5. To maintain the STD, HIV surveillance activities in the National STD/AIDS Control Programme in quality assured manner and development of timely reporting for action.
  6. To coordinate with and support institutions within and outside the Ministry of Health in the expansion of appropriate, high-quality STD, HIV surveillance.
  7. Training and capacity building of individuals/institutions in the public, private and civil society organizations on STD, HIV surveillance, when and where appropriate, in partnership with relevant programme areas in the NSACP.
  8. To supervise and monitor the quality of STD, HIV surveillance in the programme.
  9. Provision of technical support, assistance and guidance to provinces, districts and other organizations and agencies in improving quality of STD, HIV surveillance.
  10. Need assessment and provision of technical assistance for supply and procurement of necessary items or services for STD, HIV surveillance.