Dr. Vindya Kumarapeli

                                Director / NSACP


Name Title Programme Area
1 Dr. K.A. M. Ariyaratne Consultant Venereologist Coordinator, Strategic Information
2 Dr. Jayanthi P. Elwitigala Consultant Microbiologist National Reference Laboratory for STI and HIV
3 Dr. Geethani Samaraweera Consultant Venereologist Coordinator, training and capacity building, HIV treatment and care
4 Dr. Nimali Jayasuriya Consultant Venereologist Coordinator HIV Testing Programme/ STI Care Services/EMTCT Programme
5 Dr. Sathya Herath Consultant Community Physician Coordinator Key Populations
6 Dr. Janaka Weragoda Consultant Community Physician Coordinator, Multi-Sectoral Unit
7 Dr. Hemantha Weerasingh Medical Officer in Charge  
8 Dr. S. Muraliharan Medical Officer/ Planning, SIM unit  
9 Ms. R. Saman Kumari Accountant, NSACP, and MoH  
10 Mr. Chandana Seneviratne Accountant, GFATM  
11 Mr. S. K. Liyanage Admin Officer, NSACP  
12 Mr. K.A.V. Raveendra Chief Pharmacist  
13 Ms. S.A.H. Attanayake Chief MLT  
14 Ms. W.A.N. Chandrathne Nursing in Charge  
15 Mr. P. Seneviratne SPHI